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CSS Ava Center is the largest training and conference center in the Khulna district. CSS previously operated/ran a training center by the name Ava Conference Center (ACC) with limited facilities and resources within the head quarter of CSS. The idea of Ava center came from the felt need of CSS as an NGO. Every NGO has to organize trainings, seminars, workshosp for their staff from time to time. But because of the shortage of the training centers and facilities, they once faced difficulties in finding suitable facilities. The available conference centers were too costly. So, the ACC was established in CSS and was named after Mrs. Ava Munshi, wife of the founder Rev. Paul Munshi. Soon the ACC became very popular among its clients and became one of the main income generating wings for CSS. The ACC had to refuse many of its clients very often due to the excessive tight schedule. So, later considering the growing demand of ACC, the present CSS Ava Center has been established with extended facilities. 


The CSS Ava Center is a five storied "U" shaped modern building. In the frontier, the guests are greeted with a huge entrance and a granite marble staircase which leads to reception. All the inner sides of the entrance are splendidly decorated with mural pictures of terracotta ceramic. There are 2 conference centers, 2 training centers, 37 residential rooms, 1 library and 1 dining room in the center. Most of the rooms are air conditioned and equipped with all kinds of modern amenities. One can easily access to the internet through the Wi-Fi from anywhere in the building. The building is facilitated with a lift and undisrupted power supply all the day. The most amazing part of the center is the rooftop and room balcony view at night. Nobody can take their eyes back from the stunning landscape of Khulna city and adjacent Rupsha Bridge.

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